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Hey Everyone! My name is Kimberly Jones, the photographer and owner at Diamonds & Dirt Roads Photography based out of Williamsburg, Iowa! I have had a love for photography for quite sometime but nothing has helped me expand on this love more than my Aunt Sharon, I use to be her assistant it and now she is mine. The backing of my family has been tremendous. I always dream big but never in my wildest dreams would I have guess that I would have such a successful start in my new business so soon…I am so blessed!

A little bit about my photography---I prefer natural light but the more I do more flash photography the more you learn and the more you like it but nothing can compare to natural light! Pictures can be country-dirt roads or glitzy-diamonds. We can do them all. Iowa is perfect for those country shots that I absolutely love but the other reason I love it so much is because if country isn’t your style you don’t have to drive far to find that bright lights-big city look!

A little bit about me- I am a senior at the University of Iowa. YIPPIE!!! You might think that I am going to school for something art or photography related, but I am not, I am actually studying health studies and business. If I am not taking pictures –I enjoy spending time with my family, going to cattle shows, and of course cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes!

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Phone – 319-325-5209